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Eisenhower Military Industrial complex speech


A video by John F Kennedy:



Below you will find links to videos and articles that show you how we are being screwed and who is screwing us. 

Make certain that you view the movie "Let's make money", the full length version is 107 minutes. Two links for this movie are below. This documentary starts very slow in the beginning, but then picks up in speed and content. You will be quite enlightened at the end of 107 minutes. Totally amazing to most of us who are the "slaves" of the banksters that rule the economy of the World and enrich themselves at our expense. Of course they mean well with deciding for us what is best for us by legally stealing more than $3.5 trillion from us and then do with it what is best for us. Nice people.

Both links to the video will most likely be hacked and removed by those who would not want us to see these videos (guess who). So check them out to see whether they are still available for viewing. Click on one of the links or see the movie on Netflix. It currently is still on Netflix under "Lets make money" a 2008 production. Watch it before it may even disappear on Netflicks.

The movie has been made by a courageous Austrian film maker and he has assembled a lot of former insiders and also current insiders who explain all the corruption that the shadow government of Bankers is involved in. The full version 107 minutes can currently be seen at these links, just click on them below, but you should not be surprised when these websites are hacked by hackers that are hired by the shadow government to destroy these sites (and that hacking may include this here website as well to destroy it if it bothers the Banker that pull all the economic strings. I call them Master Puppeteers that stage all the economic plays with all of the population as Marionettes, the slaves of the investment bankers).

https://archive.org/details/LetsMakeMoney  this link has already disappeared.

http://thoughtmaybe.com/lets-make-money/  this one had also disappeared, but as of April 16/2014 it is back up, they are to be congratulated for their efforts. Watch it soon before it disappears again.

There are some good YouTube videos by and about Aaron Russo who was a film producer ("Beverly Hills Cops" and "Trading Places" and many other movies). He once ran for political office for the Governorship of Nevada and got 30% of the vote. Here are some links for Aaron Russo:




this is an education about the FED it will likely also disappear when the banksters will have it hacked.  

New World Order-6000 years in the making

More food for thought:
www.ThriveMovement.com and its movie presentation. Very good input.

TheSecretOfOz  by Bill Still, this video used to be free and immediately available when clicking on this link. Now it is made more difficult to watch with all kinds of the typical blocking tricks such as Google age certification that requires logging into "your Google account" and giving Google your birthday info and ultimately there is now a price of $2.99 for buying the right to watch the video. 

Maybe John F. Kennedy was killed because he refused to follow the directives of the "Master Puppeteers":


Why are we screwed?
We are screwed because most of us do not even know or realize that we are being screwed and how we are being screwed. We do not know who does the screwing and that the screwers have the White House and most of the Congress in their pocket. These economy Manipulators order the Congress to create all the laws and regulations they want so that they can legally plunder trillions per year from "We the People".  They do not operate much differently than the thugs that are the leaders of drug cartels and the various Mafia cartels, except they are more clever in that they have created all the laws that make all their corrupt plundering totally legal.

Legal theft and plunder
There is a very small percentage of the ultra rich, the Manipulators, that have made it a sport to legally steal large amounts of money from the general population. They do this stealing totally legaly by first creating the laws and regulations that make all their corruption totally legal and possible. These special interests have many members of Congress in their pocket and order them to never vote for good legislation that benefits the economy as a whole if the special interest banking cartels do not like it. If the Congress did create laws that are good for all of us and thereby reduce the plunder by the special interests, they would lose the bribes "donations" from the lobbyists that pay them millions for creating all the laws and regulations for the few evil people among the super rich with which they can enrich themselves even more. The corrupt lobbying makes all those corupt politicians and top bureaucrats millionaires by the time they leave Congress or leave their jobs in government. After their retirement, many of them get jobs in the industries they created favorable legislation for. All of the foregoing may sound to most of us like conspiracy theories and I wish that they were. The Manipulators, or Master Puppeteers, are spending a great deal of money and effort to protect themselves against the truth becoming mainstream knowledge by persuading the general public that any talk about an existence of a banking cartel that manipulates the economy to its trillion dollars per year advantage is nothing but a conspiracy theory.

Fighting the Manipulators is a David versus Goliath proposition
Fighting these corrupt people is not a good idea. They are far too strong. The goal should not be to eliminate all the corruption by identifying all the Manipulators and trying to have them legally prosecuted. They generally do not do anything illegal because they have created all the laws and regulations that makes their financial manipulations totally legal. The goal should be to decrease the legal theft and corruption by preventing it as much as possible rather than eliminating it. Just like theft and breaking in can not be eliminated but it can be prevented as best as possible with locks on doors, bars across windows and surveillance cameras and discouraging crime by heavier punishment. 
As long as the Manipulators (also called Illuminati) are in charge, Congress will never pass the following brilliant proposals that would enormously reduce the power of the Manipulators and it would end any recession within 12 months and propel the economy to unheard of new prosperity that would be shared by all of us "We the people":

It will prevent any future recession and propel economies to their optimal potential level of wealth.


It will eliminate the 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States and replace them with a single excise tax of around 5%, This extremely simple excise tax of 5% will collect more money than all the current 30,000 taxing agencies combined. This excise tax does not require any accounting and filing of tax returns and it requires no audits. It also saves the whole economy over a trillion (YES TRILLION) dollars in costs of compliance, yet all the 30,000 current tax jurisdictions at the levels of State, County and local governments will receive more revenue than what they are getting normally under current taxing systems. Furthermore there will not be the large swings in tax revenue from large surplus to severe budget shortfalls.

Why democracy is a disaster and how elections are manipulated
The reason why we wind up with all these corrupt politicians in office, is because we have this supposedly best form of government called "Democracy". Democracy sounds great as the best system of government. with everybody having an equal vote, young, old, rich, poor, an equal vote for everybody. Sounds great in theory, but the votes of all the poor people and all the people of limited intelligence can be "bought" very cheaply by the manipulators that select the politicians whose election campaigns they will finance and get them elected with however much money it takes.

How we wind up with all these corrupt elected officials
During the Primaries. the manipulators first test all the potential candidates for their corruptability by offering them free hunting trips, golf vacations to the most famous golfing destinations, free all expenses paid cruises, even ladies of the night and "escorts" are offered, and the candidates that accept the most of these "freebies" are considered most corruptible and their election campaigns are backed by the Manipulators. The Manipulators cover each election with at least one candidate of both the Republican and  Democrat parties to have their bases covered. It does not matter who wins the election because the manipulators have their corruptible candidate in office. In order to get the votes from all the poor people these corrupt polititians take polls to find out what the voters want from a candidate they will vote for. Then they promise the voters those things that the voters want which most of the time is to take from the rich and give to the poor.  That does it everytime. The problem is that this system of an equal vote for everybody can be gamed by getting the votes from all the people that want to take from the rich and give to poor.  The people that finance the elections of the most corruptible candidates are ruling the economies of most countries. That way it does not matter who wins the election to ensure that they get a person that has tested positive to be corruptible in the offices of President, Governor, Member of Congress, House or Senate, Mayor or whatever other elective office. This way they can get any legislation passed they want in every legislative office. The lobbyists pay these corrupt politicians for the "services" that were requested by the special interest Manipulators that got them elected. All these corrupt elected officials can not be blamed all that much, because most people can be bought at some price. Some of them just at a much lower price than others. Some of course cannot be bought and if they stand in the way of the Manipulators they are simply threatened with bodily harm or harm to members of their family (remember billionnaire Ross Perot, independant candidate for President in 1996 who surged in the polls to where it looked like he would win the Presidency of the United States. Then suddenly shortly before the elections he withdrew his candidacy but still wound up with 17% of the vote).

How can we reduce the power of the Manipulators to get more honest legislators that will not sell their votes
Outlawing lobbying will not work, because there are many ways in which money can change hands even after a politician has left office. But outlawing lobbying should still be done if it is combined with some legal entrapment legislation. We have to start with paying legislators higher salaries, much higher salaries, and test them with entrapment methods that must be made legal to make this entrapment of politicians and lobbyists legal. The government practices a lot of entrapment schemes in entrapping people among the general public often for crimes that should not be crimes in the first place. Why not allow the public "We the People" to entrap corrupt public officials? Give the politicians on regular occasion (maybe one hour per month) the opportunity to "confess" or talk about instances in which they finger lobbyist efforts that offered them bribes and then prosecute the lobbyists. The total expenditure for lobbying in Washington D.C. alone is over $80 billion per year (2010).

Have a look at why www.ElectionsAreStupid.com

The movie "The Distinguished Gentleman" tells the story very well about votes from politicians being for sale
Look up on the internet Eddy Murphy's movie "The Distinguished Gentleman". It is a fairly accurate depiction of how members of Congrees conduct business and why they all become millionaires and how "We the People" are getting screwed in the process. The way we hold elections can be improved so that elected officials will not be elected by the few manipulators for their corruptability alone. You used to be able to see the full length movie on YouTube but it has since been removed because it was showing the corruption that goes on in Congress.

Some very important videos by G.Edward Griffin, a brilliant researcher of economic history and the history of persecution by the medical establishment of anyone who demonstrates inexpensive and simple cures whenever such effective cures have threatened the income of the Illness Industry:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI   (the Quigley Formula and conspiracy explained) This is an explanation on the secret society that rules World economics and politics:



As summary Emanuel Kant named four kinds of government:
A. Law and freedom without force (anarchy).
B. Law and force without freedom (despotism).
C. Force without freedom and law (barbarism).
D. Force with freedom and law (republic).

A video of the way that Cuba got out of the economic crisis after the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s


Checmtrails and NewWorldOrderDepopulationAgendas

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